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LJXC-Double Layer Paper-Piling Machine

LJXC-Double Layer Paper-Piling Machine

  • Product Description
Function characteristics:

Conveying ways the system uses: Two up-layers conveys papers vertically.

The height that vertical output reaches: 1500mm-1800mm.

The speed of the double layer longitudinal paperboard-conveying machine: 43m/min(50hz).

The speed of the horizontal conveying machine: 48m/min the length of the gliding frame: 3500mm.

The bottom layer accept length: 3000mm, the superstratum accept length:2000mm.

Suitable for the production flows with the speed of 150-180m/min a and paper breadth of 1600mm-2200mm.

The automatic ascending system and adapts the placing of papers by the light switch automatically.

The down layer matches the speed of the horizontal conveying machine, the upper level transports the machine and a paper machine helps.

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