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NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

  • Product Description
Technical Parameters:

1. MAX working width: 2200mm

2. Operation direction: left or right (Determined in accordance with customer plant)

3. The highest machinery speed: 150m/min

4. Mechanical configuration: Zero pressure line thin blade slitter scorer, 6 knives 10 lines

5. The minimum width of the cutter: 135mm; The maximum width of the cutter: 1850mm

6. The minimum distance between the indentation: 0mm

7. Cutter wheel positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm

Power motors and electrical parameters:

1. Row knife wire motor: 0.4kW

2. Cutter wheel drive motor: 5.5kW

3. Wheel drive motor: 5.5kW

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