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  • RC- 320 Cassete Single Facer

    1. Design Speed: 150 m/min
    2. Effective width: 2200 mm
    3. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer premises)
    4. Temperature range: 160-200℃
    5. Gas source: 0.4—0.9MPa
    6. Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa

  • SF-320C/360 Mould Fingerless Type Single Facer

    1. Effective width: 2200mm
    2. Operate direction: left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer's facility)
    3. Design speed: 150m/min
    4. Range of temperature: 160—180℃
    5. Air source: 0.4—0.9Mpa
    6. Steam pressure: 0.8—1.3Mpa

  • LJXC-280/320 Type Fingerless Single Facer

    1. Effective width: 1200mm.
    2. Operation direction: left or right (determined in accordance with customer plant).
    3. Design speed: 100m/min.
    4. Temperature range: 200—260℃
    5. Corrugated flute: (B and C or according to the customer request)

  • RC-Full Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

    1. Paper clipping range: maximum 2200mm minimum 1000mm.
    2. Paper diameter: maximum ¢1500mm minimum ¢350mm.
    3. Paper holder spindle diameter: ¢ 240mm.
    4. Gas source working pressure (Mpa): 0.4---0.8Mpa.
    5. Equipment size: Lmx4.3 * Wmx1.8 * Hmx1.6 6, stand-alone weight: up to 4000Kg.

  • LJXC-Electrical Mill Roll Stand

    Max. diameter of reel paper: φ1500mm.
    Expiry Width: 1400mm-1800mm-2000mm.
    Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition, operated by motorize.
    Reel strain control by manual brakes or pneumatic brakes. The finial adopts taper style or bulge style.

  • 150-2200 Full-automatic Splicer Machine

    1. Maximum working width: 2200mm.
    2. Operating direction: left or right (depending on customer's plant).
    3. Maximum mechanical speed: 150m / min.
    4. Operating speed: 0-150m / min
    5. Pressure: 6bpa 6. Stand-alone weight: up to 2300Kg

  • SM-F Double Facer

    1. Maximum working width: 2200mm
    2. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer's workshop)
    3. The highest mechanical speed: 150m / min
    4. Temperature requirements: 160-200 ° C steam pressure: 0.8-1.3Mpa
    5. Gas source pressure: 0.6-0.9Mpa

  • RC- Preheater (¢600 /¢900 )

    The preheating roller meets the national standard of a class of pressure vessels, and is accompanied by a pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.
    The surface of each roller is precision ground and polished with hard chrome plating. The surface friction is small and durable.

  • GM-20 Gluing Machine

    General technical parameters:
    1. Preheating cylinder temperature range: 150-200 °C
    2. Steam pressure: 1.12-1.3Mpa
    3. Air source system: 0.4-0.9Mpa

  • NC Computer Thin Knife Slitting and Creas

    1. Maximum working width: 2200mm
    2. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer's workshop)
    3. The highest mechanical speed: 150m / min
    4. Mechanical configuration: thin knife slitting machine 6 knife 10 line
    5. The minimum cut width: 135mm

  • NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

    1. MAX working width: 2200mm
    2. Operation direction: left or right (Determined in accordance with customer plant)
    3. The highest machinery speed: 150m/min
    4. Mechanical configuration: Zero pressure line thin blade slitter scorer 6 knives 10 lines
    5. The minimum width of the cutter: 135mm The maximum width of the cutter: 1850mm

  • RC- Automatic Up and Down Stacker

    (1) Automatic stacking and output, automatic positioning of baffle, automatic horizontal row.
    (2) Servo controlled lifting plat table and fast, safe and reliable
    (3) The conveying section adopts five-stage high-strength belt conveying, which is driven by AC frequency conversion motor in sections, automatic and accurate points, and smooth conveying.
    (4) The PLC control system automatically tracks the production line speed, controls the output of the cardboard, lifts the gondola, and positions the baffle to achieve automatic batching and stable stacking.

  • NC-150 Computer Spiral Knife NC- Cutt Off Machine

    1. Minimum cutting length: 500mm.
    2. Maximum cutting length: 9999mm.
    3. Cutting paper accuracy: uniform speed is ± 1mm, non-uniform speed is ± 2mm.

  • LJXC-Double Layer Paper-Piling Machine

    Conveying ways the system uses: Two up-layers conveys papers vertically.
    The height that vertical output reaches: 1500mm-1800mm.
    The speed of the double layer longitudinal paperboard-conveying machine:43m/min(50hz).
    The speed of the horizontal conveying machine: 48m/min the length of the gliding frame:3500mm.
    The bottom layer accept length: 3000mm, the superstratum accept length:2000mm.

  • DM-120 Stacker

    Right angle, automatic horizontal, automatic change order.
    Independently sealed control cabinet, electrical equipment runs in dust-free environment.
    Color touch screen display for convenient on-site operation.
    Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency, save manpower and reduce the labor intensity of operators.

  • ZDF Heavy Overbridge

    1. Working width: 2200mm
    2. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer's workshop)
    3. the highest height: 4700mm
    4. working speed: 150m / min

  • NC-150 Computer Spiral Knife NC- Cutt Off

    1. MAX working width: 2200mm
    2. Operation direction: left or right (determined to the customer’s factory)
    3. Highest machinery speed: 200m/min
    4. Mechanical configuration: computer-control helical cross cutter
    5. Minimum cutting length: 500mm
    6. Maximum cutting length: 9999mm

Main parts, raw materials, origin (brand)
Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Material
Main motor Hebei hengshui
Reducer Shandong, De zhou,Jin zhan
Bearing HRB, ZWZ, CYC
Seat belt bearing Zhengjiang five rings
Contactor, relay France Schneider
Paper clip head Xusheng 3 inches and 4 inches in common
Steam rotary joint Shandong Quanzhou Yujie
Preheating Hangang or Jigang Q235Bpressure vesselplate
Trap Beijing Floating ball type
Wallboards and bases Self birth HT200
Air cylinder Zhejiang Sanzheng
Heating appliance Tiangang or Jigang Fabrication of Q235B Container Plate
Cotton tape Shenyang Thickness 10mm
hydraulic pressure station Hebei
photoelectric switch South Korea Autonics
electromagnetic valve Adriatic
Belt Germany OPTIBELT
Tensioning sleeve Xianyang chaoyue
proximity switch OMRON, Japan
Flying shear servo control system Germany Kobe
Motion control board Germany MKS-CT150
Touch screen Kunlun tongtai
Sun wheel Shenzhen China