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LJXCRG Series (Full-process Adsorption, Mobile)

LJXCRG Series (Full-process Adsorption, Mobile)

  • Product Description
Main featrues:

· The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high requirements, reliability and safety.

· Select high-quality materials and accessories. All driving roller materials are made of high-quality steel, hard chrome plated and ground.

· Each unit fixed unit adopts vacuum adsorption conveying device, and the printing unit adopts servo control coloring to realize high-precision precision printing.

· The whole machine adopts touch screen PLC control, which can store and recall the created order data. Changing orders is faster and easier to operate.

· Remote detection of faults over the network to quickly eliminate equipment failures.

· Automatic zero reset, automatic reset.

• Adjust the gap between the conveyor roller, embossing roller and anilox roller by computer control.

· Paper dust central collection system.

Technological parameter:
Project/Type RG920 RG924 RG1224 RG1228 RG1624 RG1628 RG1632
Maximum speed (piece/min) 300 280 250 230 180 180 160
Paper feeding precision (mm) ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Maximum feed size (mm) 900x2100 900x2500 1200x2500 1200x2900 1600x2500 1600x2900 1600x3300
Minimum feed size (mm) 300x600 300x600 350x600 350x600 450x600 450x600 450x600
Size of drawing paper (mm) 1200x2100 1200x2500 1500x2500 1500x2500 2000x2500 2000x2900 2000x3300
Maximum printing area (mm) 900x2000 900x2400 1200x2400 1200x2800 1600x2400 1600x2800 1600x3200
Printing set (mm) ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Thickness of standard printing plate (mm) 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm
Minimum slotting interval (mm) Positive knife 130x130 130x130 130x130 130x130 130x130 130x130 130x130
Scalpel 230x65 230x65 230x65 230x65 230x65 230x65 230x65
Maximum groove depth (mm) 250 250 300 300 400 400 400
Slotting accuracy (mm) ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
Die cutting precision (mm) ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0

Paper feeding unit:

• Paper can be fed continuously or separately (with counter).

· Feed paper with the leading edge roller to adjust the paper feed stroke and reduce the pressure of the paper feed roller.

· The leading edge feeds the paper to increase the suction flow, and the paper feeding is more stable and accurate.

• Variable frequency controls vacuum flow and pressure to match board size.

· The paper-feeding rubber roller is double-layer glue, the inner layer is soft and the outer layer is hard, which not only maintains the elasticity of the inner layer but also ensures the wear resistance of the surface, reducing the flattening and feeding of the cardboard.

· Dust removal device: Brush and fan remove paper scraps from the cardboard surface. Multiple fans are directly pumped with multiple rows of electrostatic brushes and rotating round brushes to maximize the dust on the cardboard surface.

· Pull paper roller gap, left and right paperboard position, computer control adjustment.

· Speed ​​up the setting speed before and after the electric control of the back tray.

Printing unit:

· Reel hanging version, 360 degree locking device, making the hanging version easy to operate and accurate.

· Quickly change the version and quickly correct the tilt error generated during the setting to reach the correction range.

· High-precision transmission of vacuum adsorption throughout the whole process, high precision of overprinting.

· The printing unit is widened to help the ink dry and ensure the overprinting accuracy (optional drying system).

· The printing roller phase is driven by servo motor and matched with Endat high-precision encoder to ensure the control precision of the servo rotation system. The color system is directly connected to the servo, which is fast in response and high in precision.

· Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control.

· Imported brand scraper ink supply system: the main body of the ink chamber is non-metallic, the material is never rusted, easy to clean; the blade is replaced quickly.

· Automatically switch the cleaning device to make the ink recovery more thorough; save ink and ink. Ink can save ink every time when changing color or cleaning 0.4 0.5 kg

Slotting device:

· Pre-pressure roller device: electric connecting rod slotting, pressing line and pre-pressing are completed once.

· Electric adjustment of the length, width, height and folding of the carton, digital display.

• Manually adjust the pressure of the pressure roller and the dial shows the adjustment value.

· Slotting knife thickness 7mm, alloy steel material, tortuous heat treatment toothed grinding, sharp edges, high precision.

The slotted phase is adjusted by a computer electric value of 360 degrees.

· Add a hand hole mold base.

• The chain control switch is installed in the slotted section to achieve an emergency stop, stop or resume paper feed.

Die cutting unit:

· Servo motor drive ensures less vibration of the printing unit and more accurate printing.

• The pad roller compensation is driven by an independent motor to control the speed of the pad roller. The compensation range is ±3.5mm, which keeps the pad roller and die roll speed consistent.

· The rubber roller mechanical spiral reverse 50mm swimming device improves the service life of the rubber pad.

Horizontal phase, computer and electronic digital control with a control range of ±10mm.

• Die-cut phase adjustment is driven by the PLC servo.

• The rubber pad roller cuts the flat structure to keep the rubber pad surface flat.

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