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LJXC-Automatic Folder Gluing Machine

LJXC-Automatic Folder Gluing Machine

  • Product Description
First, the whole machine features:

LJXC series of automatic box gluing machine, made up of vacuum feeding part, coating folding part and counting packing output part. Digital display control PLC computer amplitude modulation, dual frequency synchronous operation, has a simple, fast, reliable and accurate control mode.

Second, the functions of the automatic gluing box machine:

(1) Automatic feeding part:

1. Adopt the belt leading edge suction air feed way, accurate and reliable.

2. Adopt high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, make the feeding part can be controlled separately, the operation is simple and reliable.

3. Paper press wheel height adjustable, suitable for paperboard thickness of 2-8 mm.

4. With folding part, frequency conversion speed, design speed 0-150 m / min, paper feed speed 0-140 m / min.

5. The front baffle and the side baffle of the feeding part can be adjusted by left and right electric, and the paper holder by the front and back electric adjustment.

(2) gluing and folding part:

1. Main motor frequency conversion speed regulation, system no noise, speed regulation flexible, stable.

2. Using imported high friction belt conveyor paperboard, automatic stacking.

3. Automatic gluing bucket using stainless steel wheel glue, can adjust the amount of glue, the amount of glue uniform, left and right electric regulation, no trouble, and save glue.

4. Folding part equipped with board correction device and indentation correction device.

5. Folding part has two rows of adjustable inner positioning guide wheel system, forming accuracy is higher.

6. Folding speed 0-140 m / min.

7. The device is equipped with a program encoder on the reducer to realize memory function, and can intelligently store multiple orders, which makes the equipment more intelligent, convenient and faster.

(3) Stacking and counting part:

1. PLC programming controller and touch screen digital control, simple operation, reliable operation without stopping input data, automatic counting, automatic stacking code, neat output.

2. Counting main motor variable frequency speed, adjustable speed, stable and reliable start.

3. Use a belt to transport cartons, stacking neatly, at a speed of 0-140 m / min.

4. Using the beating board to beat the carton, it has the function of correcting deviation, and the deviation is very small.

5. Count and launch with pneumatic mode PLC point control, reliable action, accurate and fast.

6. The output part adopts the mode of synchronous compression of bottom conveyor belt and upper compression belt, which makes the finished carton stick firmly and neatly and without dislocation. Stacking height 5-20 sheets.

7. The upper compression belt device of the counting and stacking part can be adjusted up and down by electric means.

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