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LJXC- Flat Creasing and Cutting Machine

LJXC- Flat Creasing and Cutting Machine

  • Product Description
Main structure characteristics

Sliding bearing use of high-quality casting of copper alloy, wear damping.

The flywheel torque, large pressure shear.

Airframe adopt high quality materials integrally cast, high strength. good rigidity.

Monolithic electromagnetic clutch sensitive reliable.

A monolithic continuous pressure, cut open and three functions, delay time delay can adjust at will.

Operating altitude design is reasonable, crushing open angle.

Concentrated lubrication system ensures good lubrication, reduce wear.

Safety and protection system is reliable.

Model Max, creasing Area Working speed Max. rule
Motor power Overall Dimension
PYQ401C 750×520mm 28±2 (strokes/min) <15m 2.2kW 1260×1350×1280mm
PYQ203D 930×670mm 23±2 (strokes/min) <25m 3.0kW 1670×1670×1630mm
ML1100 1100×800mm 20±2 (strokes/min) <32m 4.0kW 1900×1780×1700mm
ML1200 1200×8300mm 20±2 (strokes/min) <35m 4.0kW 1920×2140×1920mm
ML1300 1300×920mm 18±2(strokes/min) <40m 5.5kW 2000×2140×2000mm
ML1400 1400×1000mm 17±2 (strokes/min) <45m 5.5kW 2010×2400×1930mm
ML1500 1500×1050mm 16±2 (strokes/min) <45m 5.5kW 2010×2400×1930mm
ML1600 1600×1250mm 16±2 (strokes/min) <50m 11kW 2170×2560×2230mm
ML1800 1800×1300mm 16±2 (strokes/min) <62m 15kW 2240×2800×2130mm
VT Automatic cutter creaser

Function and characteristics:

High pile feeder with non-stop device for continuous operation and high efficiency.

Precise and reliable register system with adjustable front lay and left push side lay, quick set up and high accuracy.

Vacuum suction in feed and delivery system with no gripper margin, ideal or handing cardboard, E, BA flute corrugated board and plastic film.

Delivery with non-stop device for continuous operation and high efficiency.

Delivery equipped with unloading pallet jet for easy and safe operation. Batch counter and tape insert are also installed as standard device.

Misfeed and delivery check photo sensor for safe and smooth operation.

Feeder can be rolled back for easy access and quick make ready.

Technical parameter:

Specification TS-1100 TS-1300 TS-1400
Size of face plate 850*1160 mm 1050*1160 mm 1150*1160 mm
Max. cutting size 1100*780 mm 1300*900 mm 1400*1000 mm
Thickness of cutting paper 540*360 mm 650*480 mm 650*550 mm
Min. cutting size 0.3~0.5cm 0.5~0.8 cm 0.5~0.8 cm
Max. speed 1500~2100 sheets/hour 1200~1500 sheets/hour 1200~1500 sheets/hour
Total weight of machine 8500kg 9500kg 9500kg
Dimensions L6000*W1930*H2200 mm L6450*W2650*H2200 mm L6600*W2800*H2200 mm
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