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LJXC-Automatic Strapping Machine (Binding machine)

LJXC-Automatic Strapping Machine (Binding machine)

  • Product Description
Function characteristics:

1. VT auto strapping machine mainly used in the filed of cartoncarton, corrugated paper, paper box, clor box and color printing industry, replace the process of strapping hand, reduce labor cost largely, this machine only need one person to operate.

2. Suitable usage; strapping the carton, paper, corrugated paperboard the big size material etc. As well as newspaper, Book and clothes.

3. Quick speed: save the labour. Save time and easy to operate.

4. High efficiency: economical. Reduce the packing cost to create the profit.

5. Adopt electronic control, the function is steady, power is small. Only need 3 KW for 1 day work, Strong and durable, Easy amend.

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