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VT-2600 Semi-auto Folder Gluer

VT-2600 Semi-auto Folder Gluer

  • Product Description
Function and characteristics

This machine is the carton forming last process equipment, adopt multi-rubber shaft and many times press together, make bonding carton uniform, strong, smooth. Adopts Chinese standard every material welding, rubber roller wallboard high strength cast iron, adopt full closed type less noise, suitable for 3 layer/5 layer/7 layer all kinds of corrugated cardboard (7 layer we can customized), this machine have high efficiency, paperboard founder and beautiful, prominent characteristic is lower adhesive, save cost but bonding fastness, easy operation, save labour and power, running steady, it is the best equipment for process carton. remark: mucilage glue wheel adopt wear-resisting alloy material, glue box adopts nylon with wear-resisting material, they are quick-wear part, must be wash it every time when operation, this can extend it’s lifetime.

Technical Parameter:
Motor power 1.1kW adjusting speed motor 0.37
XWD2 Cycloid motor
Machine speed 1-75m/min
Unfold dimension MAX 2600×1000
Min 600×300
Overall dimension 2000×1850×1200 mm
Total weight 0.90T
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