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Servo Blister Forming Machine

BH-Servo Blister Forming Machine


The whole machine adopts full servo control, the positioning is more accurate, and the forming is more stable. The equipment has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and high-grade finished products. The temperature control system of the electric heating furnace adopts full computer intelligent automatic compensation control. The division one control and the other adopts the digital input of the man-machine interface. It has high fine-tuning accuracy, uniform temperature, fast heating, stable, low energy consumption (energy saving about 15%), and the use of stove board Advantages such as long life. With product data and parameter file memory function. The width of the feeding chain track can be adjusted automatically or separately.

Product Parameter

Using electric 220V-380V-440V
Forming length 1200mm
Adapt the sheet thickness 0.2—2mm
Forming width 720mm
Forming height <200mm
Work efficiency 6-10 cycle/min
Vacuum pump power 3.7kw/5hp
Whole machine power 11kw
Total heating power 40.8kw
Dimensions 8500*1800*2700mm
Total Weight 8T
Applicable materials PET, PP, PVC, APET, PETG, PS, PLA and so on
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